I think my favorite anime director is offficially Shinichiro Watanabe. His work is so incredibly my shit, it's like he's in my brain.

Time to finish the construction of the Gusion Rebake Full City! And then we move to PANEL LINING! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! twitch.tv/kingoftuesdaynight

The sticker scourge is on the back foot, let us continue to the glory of a finished build as we continue the work on the Gusion Rebake Full City at twitch.tv/kingoftuesdaynight !

Well, we're back to the kit, and *sigh* more stickers. Come hang out and help me keep sane at twitch.tv/kingoftuesdaynight

I just realized I can and should be plugging my Gunpla streams here.
Get ready for that, then.

man it would be pretty cool if I wasn't awake at 2 am.
Then again this is kinda chill.

Workbench: Cleaned. source of bright light: Added. Model tools: Laid Out. Hell Yeah.

Got my first Gunpla in the mail today! So excited!

Well, I spent the morning fighting with the Arduino IDE, and now that I'm able to upload code to the board again, it's broken in new and exciting ways!

Finished making sweets, and got my first bill for student loans. I don't even have a degree yet and i'm already having to pay off this massive debt.

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Beautiful environment concepts by Xxzheng, It's really impressive how this artist can paint so loosely and yet hit all the notes on shape clarity, values and amazing light. All done with a slightly insane color variation, love it!
#conceptart #painting

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TFW a shoddy linux port suddenly stops giving you issues and works fine, allowing you to get back to fighting games.

boosts welcome:
help an enby rebuild both their hardware and software computer repair toolkits, I've been out of the loop ten years

anyone know what the modern equivalent to combofix and pc check (the general motherboard hardware diagnostic one) are?

already got memtest86+, screwdrivers and PSU tester nailed down

Arcade was hella good and I need to go there more often.

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