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SOTD: Mexican Joker is out of the society called child prison

SOTD: Mexican Joker lives in the society Mexico but he might attack the US

SOTD: The frog from froggy live on the streets of a society

SOTD: Hackers live in a society aka the hackerverse

SOTD (aka Society Of The Day): :( society is a sad place

dang, joker and batman are in the same society aka universe

I know how to get movies for free in 3ish steps
1.Raid a Blockbuster
2.Maybe get shot
3.Return home

damn, I just found out that gay people exist and it means "happy people"

🤔 Hey just wondering when you were a baby did your dad give you milk made from him because my mom would never give me milk but my dad always wanted to give me milk

Do you know the best way to eat cereal it's to go down to the basement with your uncle and take off all of your clothes. It's a family tradition

I will send pictures of pokeguys if you send me some nice pictures of Windows 8


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