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3am dog walks have a certain feel to them that I'd probably appreciate much more if they weren't associated with being woken up at 3am

Anyone around here who has a account and is willing to invite? While I'm in a "cultivating-social-websites" mood, seems like a good switch to make.

Plugging a Twitch stream 

I'm going live with "official" tournament coverage for Magic: The Gathering - Gladiator Weekly events. If you're curious about the best 100-card-singleton format on Arena, stop by at

Decided to buckle down and learn Unity instead of repeatedly dithering around with my own engine attempt(s).

Trying to make sure I slow the hell down and actually understand what I'm typing, instead of breezing through tutorials that are intentionally leaving details unexplained.

New side-project idea: self-hostable app that periodically scrapes a collection of twitter feeds and publishes them via an RSS digest. Would love to be able to keep up with news/announcements from some folks, but would also love to delete my account.

Anyone know of a Mastodon TUI that works in Windows (not WSL)? toot needs curses and doesn't work, and gomphotherium looks promising but I'm getting 400 errors when trying to auth.

Might end up continuing my project of "learn go by trying to fix small nitpicks with tools I try to use"...

Another dogpic and an excuse for me to discover the captioning interface on Tusky.

Dunno how many Magic players are hanging around here, but here's a thing that's pretty cool:
I've been TOing for the Gladiator: Arena Singleton format for about a year and a half now. We're just finishing up our Weekly Event season, but that's no reason why people can't jump in and play some Arena 100-card singleton tournament Magic.

Check it out at

Well I'm here now - it's probably not too surprising why. I'm JRandomHacker. I'm a software dev, extremely amateur game dev, sf/f fan, and Magic: The Gathering player/judge/tournament organizer. Still getting my feet wet around here.


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