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@Teryl_Pacieco Desert Bus is one of my favorite times of year. Super hyped for the Garages performing again

Anyone else hyped about Desert Bus For Hope 2022, as presented by excellent Canadian Comedy Troupe LoadingReadyRun in conjunction with the Child's Play Charity?

#DesertBusForHope #DesertBus2022 #DB2022 #DBFH2022 #DesertBus #BusIsComing

Well goddamn. I'm editing a podcast episode that was recorded a week or so ago, and one of my co-hosts threw in a reminder to "go vote, if you're in America". Double-checking our release schedule, this episode will go live on November _9th_

I should probably actually find an instance to move to, huh.

I could really use 15 minutes today without a teammate messaging me _immediately_ when something fails. I honestly don't know any more than you do here - can you please just do some troubleshooting yourself

@rockario the "sea cliff" reference was unexpected but appreciated

@b0rk You can do it in C# as well with System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Launch() and the VS Immediate window, though it's a bit more limited in that it'll pretty much only work if your dev environment is "Visual Studio on Windows"

Been doing some tinkering on a microcontroller project - wow am I out of my depth when it comes to this sort of hardware. Lot of learning so far - it's really frustrating to have so little feedback when trying to flash new programs though

Still incapable of seeing a red-tailed hawk and _not_ thinking about Animorphs.

I've "finished" my DIY smart thermostat, by which I mean I've gotten the web API done and I have the hardware to put it on - I just need to make the commitment to actually put it in my house. Screwing around with home automation is one thing - using it to keep you cool and/or warm is another step.

@noracodes I kicked off a massive debate among my gaming group a while back when I asked to calculate the EV of a d(d20) - that is, roll a d20, then roll a d(whatever that result was)

Help I'm trapped in a sunsetting Mastodon instance - working on migrating over to @JRandomHacker but something is screwy with the account aliasing. I'll get it figured out eventually.

@cinebox I'm in the same boat as you - I'm eyeing, but I'll need to snag an invite still

Well hmm. I've only been here 6 months or so, but the shutdown news makes me feel kinda mournful. I'm not even really all that tied to the particular community here, but I really do like the aesthetic and the mood.

Might be heading to Will have to ask for an invite though.

@BestGirlGrace Reaper feels like some of the best value I've ever gotten for my money

Turned a family vacation into an impromptu social media blackout. Y'know, that was really nice.

New upgraded laptop, set up a fresh Arch install.
First boot, everything but wifi works fine, including a full desktop environment (thanks, archinstall)
Second boot, X won't start. Ah, that's more like what I was prepared for.

Lost my NYT crossword streak that started Jan 1. This hurts more than it probably should

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