I've "finished" my DIY smart thermostat, by which I mean I've gotten the web API done and I have the hardware to put it on - I just need to make the commitment to actually put it in my house. Screwing around with home automation is one thing - using it to keep you cool and/or warm is another step.

@noracodes I kicked off a massive debate among my gaming group a while back when I asked to calculate the EV of a d(d20) - that is, roll a d20, then roll a d(whatever that result was)

Help I'm trapped in a sunsetting Mastodon instance - working on migrating over to @JRandomHacker but something is screwy with the account aliasing. I'll get it figured out eventually.

@cinebox I'm in the same boat as you - I'm eyeing weirder.earth, but I'll need to snag an invite still

Well hmm. I've only been here 6 months or so, but the shutdown news makes me feel kinda mournful. I'm not even really all that tied to the particular community here, but I really do like the aesthetic and the mood.

Might be heading to weirder.earth? Will have to ask for an invite though.

@BestGirlGrace Reaper feels like some of the best value I've ever gotten for my money

Turned a family vacation into an impromptu social media blackout. Y'know, that was really nice.

New upgraded laptop, set up a fresh Arch install.
First boot, everything but wifi works fine, including a full desktop environment (thanks, archinstall)
Second boot, X won't start. Ah, that's more like what I was prepared for.

Lost my NYT crossword streak that started Jan 1. This hurts more than it probably should

Well hmm. I was using "Attiny's are crazy out of stock" as an excuse to push one of my projects down the backlog, but it turns out STM8's are in-stock on mouser...

@SuricrasiaOnline I've found that Agile makes so much more sense when viewed through the lens of "all of the original Agile Manifesto authors were consultants"

@Canageek Exalted can get some pretty big dicepools by d20/GURPS standards - with a combat focus and not a lot of minmaxing, my last character was sometimes rolling 25-35d10 for attacks. But you're counting success dice, not adding up rolls.

@muxelplexer The fact that it actually makes you wait and "download" each game is brilliant

Current sideproject is a diy smart thermostat. I've got the interface and the connection to the actual controls figured out, but I guess I have to actually go learn something about HVAC control algorithms now, huh

Twitch Content: Magic the Gathering 

Kicking off our next season of Gladiator MTGA tournaments with some organizer-crew gameplay. Come check us out at twitch.tv/gladiatormtga

SGDQ last night is making me want to pick up rhythm games again...

@srol @Canageek @Owlor Either I'm misremembering or it's been removed, but I'm pretty sure Wikipedia used to have a table of all of the different Les Mis cast recordings and which songs they kept/cut

I wonder if I can make the side-project-list get smaller instead of bigger...

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