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Well I'm here now - it's probably not too surprising why. I'm JRandomHacker. I'm a software dev, extremely amateur game dev, sf/f fan, and Magic: The Gathering player/judge/tournament organizer. Still getting my feet wet around here.

New upgraded laptop, set up a fresh Arch install.
First boot, everything but wifi works fine, including a full desktop environment (thanks, archinstall)
Second boot, X won't start. Ah, that's more like what I was prepared for.

Lost my NYT crossword streak that started Jan 1. This hurts more than it probably should

Well hmm. I was using "Attiny's are crazy out of stock" as an excuse to push one of my projects down the backlog, but it turns out STM8's are in-stock on mouser...

Current sideproject is a diy smart thermostat. I've got the interface and the connection to the actual controls figured out, but I guess I have to actually go learn something about HVAC control algorithms now, huh

Twitch Content: Magic the Gathering 

Kicking off our next season of Gladiator MTGA tournaments with some organizer-crew gameplay. Come check us out at

SGDQ last night is making me want to pick up rhythm games again...

I wonder if I can make the side-project-list get smaller instead of bigger...

Plugging my Twitch content 

I'm going live with broadcasting a tournament for the Gladiator MTG Arena format - it's a fantastic fan-run singleton format and we're running a 50-person tournament today with full coverage.

How's your evening going? It's probably not "notify 400,00 people about your PR on github", I hope.

I'm so tired.

I know it's not his fault, but if my dog doesn't stop waking me up every 2 hours, I'm going to need to make a life change of some sort. I don't know what yet.

Do any face-tracker programs support tracking markers via makeup or something like that? If you're willing to stick little glowy dots all over your face, can anything outside of the pro setups actually leverage that?

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I don't really have a lot of interest in participating myself, but the tracking/animation tech for VRChat and VTubing is a technical problem that absolutely fascinates me.

I'd love to just spend a bunch of time to really try and solve "how high-fidelity can we get without going to movie-studio levels of budget and intrusivness"

Twitch stream plug 

I've been running tournaments for the Gladiator format on Magic Arena for the past 3 months, and we've reached our Top 16 season finals - we're broadcasting live coverage at

Oh hey getting paged at work still makes me start to panic. Good to know that 1 year off my former team isn't enough.

Jumping back into painting some minis - trying to get over that cycle of "it's frustrating to practice because I'm bad at it" - "I'm bad at it because I haven't practiced enough"


Early morning walks to stay out of the heat

Slowly talking myself into getting a pair of custom IEMs...

Just did the NYT crossword for 5/5. Absolutely incredible theme if you're a certain flavor of nerd.

Is there a name for the podcast genre of "book fan guides their friends through a first-time read"? Because I need to put more of them into my ears

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