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I wasn't paying attention, what was today's round?

Hmmm, maybe make some really boring signs and post them on the community mailboxes encouraging people who installed them to [REDACTED] because they're choosing to help said company spy.

and who needs people like that?

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Anyone who buys and installs one of those shitty cameras provided by the Evil Data Shipping Empire should just die tbh

As far as I can ever tell the exchange is pretty simple:

I provide myself as a sexual object, they give me attention during the show.

I don't see what in there implies any desire for a friendship <_<

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Relationships with other backings can drift towards sex just fine...

TBH, I blame doing camshows and very quickly picking up "Don't tell these fucking creeps shit" as a very important mentality

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I have lost count of the number of people who decided they were interested in me because I gave them a camshow or did something with hypno then decided they should try and get to know me, or even worse attempt to play games with me.... Which I almost always view in an incredibly poor light.

And so I start to ignore them, letting silence answer their queries like "Can I have your steam" or "do you have any hobbies?"

Like, dude, your attention was a sex toy for me, sorry not sorry.

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hm, just realized that if I have a relationship that spawned from sexual interest, it pretty much stays contained there without a lot of vouching from other people, and even then.

I will never get why people keep trying to assign names and genders to the inert chunks of silicone rubber I fuck myself with.

Maybe in the short context of a scene, but nothing persistent? Even thats kinda creepy as fuck, tbh.

Low impact example:

"Oh I wanna see you take that ponyboy :3"


This would be a good time to weigh in, if you care.

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this was basically *it* and I don't really use it a lot.

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hm, now to decide if I bother with social media at all going forward.

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Nude selfie, thirst trap, eye contact. Bottom-looking-up perspective

Hi~ :3

it's tragic how DnD utterly captured how people default to modeling PnpRPGs in their mind

Man imagine being proud you helped launch a satellite for the NRO.


But for real, if they have something like multiple banks and telecoms throwing money at them, maybe find someone smaller who this convention's lump sum will be serious money to?

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If the fucking con goes with a 'safe' charity like an animal rescue for the last oh... 10 or so years, maybe they're just shitty people who want dead queers

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the best part about this tweet is it could literally be about any fucking convention.

And that fucking sucks, hard!

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I wonder if the convention's fundraising isn't acting as a money funnel to a massive charity with large institutional donors this year

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webp is a fucking curse from Google that we will never truly be rid of

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