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Kali bitches about spoiler culture more 

I generally respect people's desires to not have things spoiled, but pretty much exclusively because I like those people and their happiness matters to me.

This is one of this things I'd absolutely say I indulge for others, tbh

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Kali bitches about spoiler culture more 

I know I bitch about this a lot, but my gods do I hate the vapid consumerism baked into this mentality.

The way I see people often treat that first time pristine viewing as one of the most important things on this boiling, choking rock is frankly gross.

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Meta, race & gender 

I find it disheartening that Black Trans users on here have been reminding ppl their analysis of gender can't be separate from race and I get hounded for daring to show off a Black Trans Flag

but white users are able to say this with no blow back as if its a novel idea

this is rinse repeat


I REALLY want a fucking cigarette so bad omg


2C-E: "It's not exactly "fun" but I'll do it again?"

drugs, a hot take nobody here will care about 

this would probably get me burned at the stake in some communities

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drugs, a hot take nobody here will care about 

If anything is "pharmacological tofu" in the realm of psychedelics it's mescaline, at least at ~400mg doses.

Maybe somewhere above 600 it takes off, but jeeze.

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Layer 1 is a nightmare that is alive. I witnessed it myself, the T1 circuit, a copper pair of wires that goes to my Traverse City Michigan branch of my company snakes into the basement through dirt, connects to a 66-block WHERE THE LID IS ATTACHED WITH BUBBLE GUM.

That's what Layer 1 is. Layer 1 is a MIRACLE THAT ANY OF IT DOESN'T START FIRES. That's what all this magic happy bleepbloop is all founded on. Ratty nasty copper infrastructure installed in 1943, still chugging away.

@BestGirlGrace is the skunknuts mousepad a thing someone can actually buy somewhere? Asking for a friend.


Given today's news, I went and told a person I used to know to fuck off and die for their bullshit pacifism.

Felt kinda good.

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Venting about being dismissed on important shit 

"Oh you're just being paranoid Kalmia, the world is swinging for the better. You'll see."


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USPol, Transphobia, in a way subping but I doubt anyone will see it who'd count 

Would really like an apology from the people who called me insane for saying it was sliding this way back in like, 2015.

Which, IMO, was spotting it *late*

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DOC is extremely good IMO, but a bit polarizing it seems.

The duration scares people, and I know someone who just didn't seem to like it [i suspect setting did a big part, but still]

but damn when it's good is it good

USPol, Transphobbia

TL;DR, florida is accelerating their attack on trans people with their department of health pushing guidelines attempting to prevent any transition whatsoever among "youths".

They're killing us, and they're doing so with a smile.

If you think they're not setting up a genocide, fuck the fuck off from following me.

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games that require you to take notes 

should provide a means to take notes, in-game.

this includes (but is not limited to) being able to draw things, write things down, list things, etc.

even for people who are fine with taking out a notebook, this doesn't hurt them. and for people who like taking notes, this can actually be better because it means that you don't have to find your notes if you take a while before getting back to the game, because the notes are right there

I also think that in general, games should also have the option to do this automatically, but I understand why people might not want that. it could easily be gated behind a setting.

additionally: anything that would require you to take notes, should be rediscoverable. no one-time cutscenes.

no-exhaustive list but. yeah, this is a big thing and it's something that really bothers me about a lot of games. like, I know that some people like taking notes, but I really don't in a lot of situations, and it just makes things frustrating.

kinda a subping 

I want so badly to agree.


brought to you by people in socal being upset about outdoor watering restrictions.

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Grass is only good for public parks and the like, where people can fucking use it.

Golf courses don't fucking count, and neither does a front yard.

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