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@atax1a this was being thrown around pretty early in 2020, and yeaaah.

@atax1a The enemy of my enemy is my enemy's enemy.

Nothing more, nothing less.

A video of myself and Beryl. I guess you could call it a selfie.

We're listening to Griz and she rambled a lot and I happened to catch it on camera.

It was one of the best things she ever did.

I'll love her forever, I miss her more everyday... And I think this will ideally be my last non-dm/reply post here.

You can find me on cohost and telegram [and I guess] by the same name. Discord can be had on request I suppose.

Rest in peace and delightful chaos, Beryl Bird.

Content Warning and lewd meta 

@LottieVixen I think people can handle seeing the word watersports or hypno imo.

@radicalrobit Water remains one of the most interesting things in the universe, yeah

@Kaffe I kinda enjoyed it until a couple things killed my mood. One was being told not to do the hacking minigame and wait however long for whoever had the tool to do it, and the other was the audio logs that missed even a feature system shock had -- playing in such a way you weren't trapped in a room waitinnnnng

@Kaffe Also it was started by british metal weirdos with a grudge against thatcher

@ben guess i'm nobody, now to go steal from a cyclops

Extremely not a fan of post editing tbh, even more so because my instance's feed will update the post and not show it's been edited and that is just the worst c:

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