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A video of myself and Beryl. I guess you could call it a selfie.

We're listening to Griz and she rambled a lot and I happened to catch it on camera.

It was one of the best things she ever did.

I'll love her forever, I miss her more everyday... And I think this will ideally be my last non-dm/reply post here.

You can find me on cohost and telegram [and I guess] by the same name. Discord can be had on request I suppose.

Rest in peace and delightful chaos, Beryl Bird.

cybre is dying, have porn. I guess I should mention it's a selfie 

look I saw comments about fat cocks.

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cybre is dying, have porn. I guess I should mention it's a selfie

Nude selfie, thirst trap, eye contact. Bottom-looking-up perspective

Hi~ :3

Selfie, eye contact, suggestion of heights
@lhos @Highball @catgonbot and I partly up a mountain

selfie, eye contact, very softly niche kink [abdl] 

Hi have me from just before bed last night because


selfies, eye contact 

I have no idea where the shawl came from, and IIRC the robe was my ex's, but damn if this isn't almost the perfect uniform of the demonic acid priest.

Got me a sketch, so posting as is!

Should be tidied into colors and such, work is done by @smoredraws over on birdhellsite

CW threat of artistic violence , theres also some fat girldick bulge :D

No gore or anything!

drugs, probably poorly captioned image. I copy/pasted a table. 

Kids, don't be this creature.

I think I just found a good Grace?

[Model: Grace Good, a circus performer]

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