I think I'm going to call it done.

I could find another fedi instance, or risk clobbering my friend's small one again.

I could go make a cohost.

Or, I could accept the "screaming into the void" model of interaction is garbage, and stop playing.

There are people I'll miss, but I'm pretty convinced I won't miss the platform.

Pretty much everyone can reach me some other way, and this space doesn't really fulfill the "space we're mutually active in" drive reliably.

Fuck, I have a small telegram channel I dump my lewd content into and tend to get more reaction there out of the like 40 people subscribed to that rather than the uhhhh... 404 I have here.

If I want to get something off my chest or actually have a conversation, I have another community of about 40 people I can actually have decent realtime and asynchronous comms with.

Admitedly a lot of those 404 are repeats and otherwise dead accounts, but still.


I've been keeping the EoL tab open as a reminder to make my mind up and do something.

I think something is kinda crystalizing

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