hot take: you should quit unethical jobs that you hate

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@Earthshine I mean we can slice and dice, but I'd say cleaning building for a school is less evil than doing it for a company that makes missiles or whatever else you can sub in

@Earthshine Much less doing anything with a more significant contribution :p

@Earthshine And this is of course without getting into shit like cops. I don't think we need to get into that

@IrisKalmia I mean fair, but public schools aren't really capitalist either so they got that going for them... although with what they pay, you'd have to either already own a house, or have some special living arrangement, or be homeless to work for them. Even if it's not Raytheon though, working for the 99% of corpos that prioritize infinite growth consumerism over all else can't truly be ethical. I'm trying to find that 1% for my next job and it's hard.

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