corporate social media presence 

I think the single most effective recent innovation in marketing has been to let the staff who run the front end of social media accounts go wild.

It really sucks.


corporate social media presence 

An aquarium made a tentacle joke and it got shared all over my spaces.

Pizza company makes a "knot first" joke and every furry loses their fucking mind sharing it.

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corporate social media presence 

@IrisKalmia "how did this accidentally happen?" - someone sharing a tweet explicitly written to be shared

corporate social media presence 

@heatherhorns Yeaaaah.

Corporate entities have realized vaguely cloaked horny is *extremely* effective.

FFS people were drawing fan art of the burger mascot

corporate social media presence 

@IrisKalmia yeah!

like, i think people fail to consider that this is predicated on a respect for brand image. like, if cheerios makes a plausibly-deniable horny comment about bees, we all gawk because there's no way cheerios would EVER associate with that!

but we're not associating cheerios' image with that because we're so fully refusing to believe that this could happen. which really shows how we've forgotten about horny burger ads

corporate social media presence 

@IrisKalmia like, everyone is so willing to believe that goodyear tires or whoever's social media presence is helmed by some 20 year old that got away with something

which is like, not really something that stands up to consideration

i worked in social media, i'm not speculating on this desire to appear human. if commercials were acted out live on stages, there would be shitloads of intentional bloopers

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