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I had the thought that if ever I made a webapp or game that went super popular and I needed to pay for hosting and donations weren't covering it, maybe a text-only ad space would be permissible

but then I realized "wait, does text-only ad services even exist on the internet anymore" and it appears not. google's about to deprecate text ads this year


@SuricrasiaOnline I think self-hosted banners are acceptable

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@IrisKalmia @SuricrasiaOnline Self-hosted community ads are a form of advertisement I actually like. I'll absolutely click on some furry's ad to see what sort of art they have even if the chances of me buying a comission or a comic from an ad alone is pretty slim.

@IrisKalmia @SuricrasiaOnline Furaffinity shot themselves in the foot when they started mixing regular ads and community ads, I'm not gonna click on any of them now >.<

I feel like you kinda need to stick to the self-host method if you do it, or else people won't know which ad comes from the community and have at least been vetted and which ad is some algorithmic nonsense that could lead every which way

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