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If you're under 18 years of age please DO NOT follow or interact with this account in any capacity, I don't want to deal with you.

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Hi, I'm some absolutely batshit demon with too many names and a smattering of interests.

Mostly nerdy shit, like battletech (megamek good.), backyard chemistry (working on getting back into fireworks), weird spirituality, and Hot Tech Takes. I'd list stuff like flow arts and motorcycles as not nerdy, but lets be fucking honest here.

I'm crazy, I post and relay porn, and sometimes talk about drug use. Expect a lot of sad and lewd pings.

(I needed to make one for a pin <_<)

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Hey folx if you came because of my angry tech pings and whatever else, know I'm a lewd-as-fuck furry with severe problems.

You may not wanna follow if you're here for the Takes.

Do I want to make coffee, drink a redbull, or maybe rail this dex?

Today in "& do NOT"; learning more advanced math, as a bit.

hm, maybe getting 10/51 hours of sleep is making my brain not work

living sextoy moods make this sqeak very ambiguous

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hm, just realized I literally now have a couple that I dom as a couple.


lewd in the small chance anyone still following me needs this cw'd, drugs too 

living sex toy moods be like.

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lewd in the small chance anyone still following me needs this cw'd, drugs too 

"Don't do speed kids, otherwise you may fuck yourself for uuuuh *checks notes* eight hours.

Sorry, my aide just informed me it was closer to 12

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lewd in the small chance anyone still following me needs this cw'd 

mission failed
I forgot to sleep because I was stuffing my ass

I've been keeping the EoL tab open as a reminder to make my mind up and do something.

I think something is kinda crystalizing

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There are people I'll miss, but I'm pretty convinced I won't miss the platform.

Pretty much everyone can reach me some other way, and this space doesn't really fulfill the "space we're mutually active in" drive reliably.

Fuck, I have a small telegram channel I dump my lewd content into and tend to get more reaction there out of the like 40 people subscribed to that rather than the uhhhh... 404 I have here.

If I want to get something off my chest or actually have a conversation, I have another community of about 40 people I can actually have decent realtime and asynchronous comms with.

Admitedly a lot of those 404 are repeats and otherwise dead accounts, but still.

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I think I'm going to call it done.

I could find another fedi instance, or risk clobbering my friend's small one again.

I could go make a cohost.

Or, I could accept the "screaming into the void" model of interaction is garbage, and stop playing.

hahahah this toy is literally going to split me in two

"Dear, theres a shark AND a snake in here" sure was Something

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owww my neck is like, one continual bruise on both sides

sentient weapon, but bad. 

I will not say to her "I'm your gun."

I will not.

She can pick me up and wield me without it being worded like that literally ever.

Between friday and sunday, I lost ~3 kilos of weight o.x

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