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If you're under 18 years of age please DO NOT follow or interact with this account in any capacity, I don't want to deal with you.

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Hi, I'm some absolutely batshit demon with too many names and a smattering of interests.

Mostly nerdy shit, like battletech (megamek good.), backyard chemistry (working on getting back into fireworks), weird spirituality, and Hot Tech Takes. I'd list stuff like flow arts and motorcycles as not nerdy, but lets be fucking honest here.

I'm crazy, I post and relay porn, and sometimes talk about drug use. Expect a lot of sad and lewd pings.

(I needed to make one for a pin <_<)

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Hey folx if you came because of my angry tech pings and whatever else, know I'm a lewd-as-fuck furry with severe problems.

You may not wanna follow if you're here for the Takes.

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oops (also fuckin NSFW)

what goes around comes around lol

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me: "I'm not sure I'm going to still be into motor cycles" also me: "*browsing wet/winter riding gear and new helmets*"

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Mecha spider enjoying some outer space. Or technically upper atmosphere? I'm honestly not sure Show more

Things I consider "Fun and exciting":
Motorcycle [accidents]
almost starting house fires
Explosives going off /way/ too early
getting only mildly stabbed
a cedar tree falling on someon-

Okay yeah

I genuinely think most my friends would consider me saying "it's fun and exciting!" as roughly the time to make sure their shoes are tied and they're ready to run from whatever hell I've unleashed on this unsuspecting world

What the fuck is wrong with me I'm trying to trashpost in a chat I'm in with bad jokes based on the holy roman empire

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any of y'all got a good chores tracking app that supports multiple people?

my house is in the market for one.

boosts ok!

wonder if I could hold the grinder in my hand and make some coffee conventionally :V

Range of motion mostly restored in left grasping appendage flexor, waiting on stability under load now

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If you want easy access to the "Help! Am gay?!?!?!" switch on any lesbiab, just be: girl, able to pick them up.

And apply these points [consentually, of course] and carry them off.

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