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If you're under 18 years of age please DO NOT follow or interact with this account in any capacity, I don't want to deal with you.

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Hi, I'm some absolutely batshit demon with too many names and a smattering of interests.

Mostly nerdy shit, like battletech (megamek good.), backyard chemistry (working on getting back into fireworks), weird spirituality, and Hot Tech Takes. I'd list stuff like flow arts and motorcycles as not nerdy, but lets be fucking honest here.

I'm crazy, I post and relay porn, and sometimes talk about drug use. Expect a lot of sad and lewd pings.

(I needed to make one for a pin <_<)

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Hey folx if you came because of my angry tech pings and whatever else, know I'm a lewd-as-fuck furry with severe problems.

You may not wanna follow if you're here for the Takes.

I always wonder if people who use twitter crossposters to 'engage' with the fediverse even remotely care that all they're doing is directly spewing twitter into here.

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If cyberpunk isn't real then how come a bunch of us have stupid haircuts, online alter egos we identify with more than our real names, alter our bodies and hate cops

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"Dad, what's the difference between fusion and fission?"

"Fusion is how you were born. Fission was when your mother and I divorced."

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reverse lootboxes where you collect lootboxes and the corporation has to turn them into money and send it to you

i call it "video game gambling class action lawsuit 2019"

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Beginners Guide to De-centering the USA in Your Writing:
• Prefer metric and SI units.
• Specify all units, including currency (“$5.00 USD” instead of just “$5.00”).
• Use “USA” as a descriptor instead of “American” when you actually mean “from the USA” and not “from North America or South America”.
• Don’t assume your experiences are universal.

Lots of minor irritations kinda adding up making me want to go on a incoherant rant.

I hate that the good fuel blends are at the stations run most directly by the world-murder companies.

I kinda wish I could find gas without 🌽 in it.

I wonder if these "Legal look, for racing use only" baffles would do anything at all. Like, anything.

I should have stressed supersports but I was struggling to fit this post into a single post as was, sorry.

Some day they are going to wring that thing out in and I really hope they realize what is happening before they get reallly hurt or at best get hit with a speeding ticket that possibly ends in a crushed bike.

Why do people even WANT mid-weight sportbikes for street bikes? They're geared for tracks and all of the giggle is at the top so you never get to wring it out in anything but first.

Fucking literbikes make more sense, at least they have anything down low.

This post brought to you by my friend who still thinks the bike she started on "wakes up" at 4k when it's not even hitting peak torque until 10.8. Peak horsepower is at 11.7. To be fair it has almost all of it's torque at 9... But it's lumpy and peaky

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having a tongue piercing can be quite distracting

I am told this shrug is based on how I often actually shrug

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micro apartments are fine if thats what you want but i can't look at them and not see some greedy, salivating landlord plotting how to slash up a single 880 square foot apartment into 22 micro dwellings and fucktupling his profits

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