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If you're under 18 years of age please DO NOT follow or interact with this account in any capacity, I don't want to deal with you.

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Hi, I'm some absolutely batshit demon with too many names and a smattering of interests.

Mostly nerdy shit, like battletech (megamek good.), backyard chemistry (working on getting back into fireworks), weird spirituality, and Hot Tech Takes. I'd list stuff like flow arts and motorcycles as not nerdy, but lets be fucking honest here.

I'm crazy, I post and relay porn, and sometimes talk about drug use. Expect a lot of sad and lewd pings.

(I needed to make one for a pin <_<)

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Hey folx if you came because of my angry tech pings and whatever else, know I'm a lewd-as-fuck furry with severe problems.

You may not wanna follow if you're here for the Takes.

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I'm reading about a Baltimore fire in 1904, that was so big that firefighters from D.C., NYC, Harrisburg, and Philly were called.

But when they got there, they found that their hoses couldn't connect to any of the Baltimore hydrants.

Because there was no industry standardization on threads, fittings, couplings, etc. Because every company wanted their product to become the standard.

So they watched the city burn for a while.

Capitalism fetishists will never mention these stories, of course.

"I know you could be a top preformer"
Yeah, Boss, but I'll do everything in my power to just barely skate

Just kinda feeling radioactive, sorry to alarm, iluall

why would anyone willingly get near me? O.o

Food > joke about hot people > reiteration of food lead me to thinking about involved parties and now uninvolved parties and teasings around living serving platters and fuck.

gods damn it I just tangent brained myself into sad.

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Ever want to give in to your hedonistic self destructive desires just to see how long you could?

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I'm actually hesitant to gender my birds because while I know their sex how could I be sure it lines up to their identity?

If three year old humans are believed to be forming a gender identity I can't see it being outside the grasp of birds

I don't know what genetics crept into that line, but ~110lbs of 'german shepherd' is a /lot/ of dog.

I don't end up with low intensity pets do I?

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