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well, say what you will about that guy who hung out at walden all the time but at least he was 



Two teens are driving.

You shouldn't say that stuff, dude.

Man, fuck Dracula. He ain't shit.

Turbo Dracula

i'm in wisconsin for the next 24 hours. if you look at me for even one second i will burst into flames

Hey Everyone,

This is hard for me to do, but circumstances require it.

One of my clients dropped out of a contract due at the end of the month.

This means I'm short on the amount I needed to make this month to cover costs.

If you need a website for ANY reason, I will build it for you with full support and hosting for three years, just for $965, and it'll be finished in less than a week.

This is cheaper than any firm or even doing it yourself in a website builder.

Reach out if you are interested!

There is no one better at tumblr than straycatj, a formerly stray cat who now exclusively posts about the goings on in his home

Colonel: "Snake. We've recently applied updates, and none of our VMware tools will load, preventing us from loading our Virtual Machines. What do you think the problem is?"

Snake: "Hmmmm… Kernel."

joker seller
I require your strongest jokers
I am going into a society

@dreamsofcheese greetings. sabri has been requesting to be hit with a brick, and we figured we needed a professional

hey whats up, its me, the guy without sin. im here for a rock throwing appointment?

i love and support the aro community. whether you're a benzene derivative or your resonance bonds come from somewhere else, your increased chemical stability is valid

(receives whisper in ear) what do you mean, it's "aromantic"

> The hardest things to say are
> I was wrong
> I need help
> Worcestershire sauce

imagine if eminem was obsessed with a different kind of candy... did you hear that new kitkat record? i hear reese's pieces is touring in our state soon.. werther's original's comments about women are kinda fucked up

Your dreams get weirder during the night. Shortly after you fall asleep, your dreams are most likely to be about things you did or saw during the day, but as the night wears on they become increasingly detached from reality.

Horror, Nightmares, Panic Attacks 

I knew what he looked like, sort of doctor wiley crossed with Henry Ford. He had a female assistant.

I don't know how I knew that, since I never met them. I also remember sitting in a hotel room with people talking about the city when a double decker bus full of corpses started to roll pass the window and we all stopped talking because we knew it was listening and would send Staff to us if it heard.

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Horror, Nightmares, Panic Attacks 

I curled up on the floor, as a staff member was inches away, mixing the wrong drinks.

Then the bartender looked down and started staring at me. I had a panic attack, and curled up into a ball and started sobbing. He just stared. It felt like an eternity before my alarm clock woke me up.

Oh, I also spent the entire dream trying to covertly figure out who built the city. I knew I couldn't leave, but I wanted to know who was behind it all.

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