Hey, do you use @write_as ?

Do you want a comment box for your blog?

Good thing I wrote a tutorial on how to embed one, eh?

You can read it here:

@International omg i def want this. I was also thinking of just including the fediverse link in the end of my posts so folks can just add comments there. About to read this now, thx!

Great post about music streaming btw. I really wanna revisit that cause i just dumped spotify, only have partial library on phone and dont wanna sync it all the time

Btw sry tried to buy u a coffee but cash app card not accepted on that platform for some reason :/

@slackz Thanks for the compliments! I'll be writing another article on the reasons why I chose Subsonic over other options, so look out for that.

It was meant to be in this one, but it got a little long.

Interesting note about the coffee app. I'll look into other options as BMAC has also begun to fail me in other ways.

@International would love to read the nitty gritty about it. Literally gonna investigate setting this up tonight. Thanks for the project motivation.

Can I ask specifically why subsonic over something like #mpd. Use / love music player daemon locally but havent used it for streaming via http yet, but def want that cause, mobile phones and laptops and tedium of keeping music library all over.

I recall hitting some issues before which mighta discouraged me, so open to subsonic or other options

@slackz I also use MPD locally, but the feature set was too sparse for what I wanted to accomplish, like Last.FM updates, artist metadata, multiple sessions, etc.

However, mopidy is now setup to pull from my Subsonic server, so locally I still use NCMPCPP, and techincally I suppose whatever app uses MPD would also work.

@International damn, yeah, too many appealing looking options out there. Now I'm looking at Plex and Ampache and Funkwhale, goddamn so many viable, nice looking options.

<hardcore research mode>

lol I wanna fast-forward time so I can read your blog post breakdown. I need a modern comparison and it sounds like you've spent a shitton of time thinking about this.

Thanks for the insights. lol, I want this up and running so bad. curious about more general media server too; video would be sweet

@slackz Plex was a serious contendor, but its feature set is crippled without an expensive Plex Pass.

Funkwhale looks awesome, and will soon be a contendor, but didn't let me adjust transcode settings for streaming music to my phone.

Ampache was never seriously thought about due to issues I had with it years ago. Might be great now! But I couldn't bring myself to touch it again.

Yeah, I gave it a ton of thought. :blob_gnikniht:
I promise ill get part two finished soon!

@International thanks, looking forward to it! :)

Also thanks for those notes. Maybe I'll go with funkwhale; looks super clean, good stack, and federation ftw ;)

I'll report back. Maybe we could have complementary blog posts :flan_hacker:

@International @write_as ohhhhhh, niiiiice, didn't know about development. such a nice damn suite of tools.


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