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announcement: STRAWBERRY CUBES is now pay what you want. if you were unable to pay for it you can now get it for free.
if you have not played or heard of it, it is an autophagic platformer about celebrating a loved one while losing them to dementia.

"Peter Parker, also known as the popular super hero 'spiderman', is roughtly 16-17 years old, meaning he was either born in either 2001 or 2002. Contrary to popular belief, this places him firmly in the 'Gen Z' category, eather than the millennial category that many place him in. By extrapolating this information, we can conclude that Peter Parker not only knows what a furry is, but constantly has to grapple with the fact that his spider-centric identity is, in fact, his fursona. In this essay I will-"

When bae catches you filling a suitcase with hornets as a little surprise for the TSA.

Home Alone 8: Kevin McCalister, now 35, kidnaps a mailman and beats him with paint cans while trying to unravel his multiple childhood abandonments.

Nothing like using a VPN and getting ads telling me "there's a secret for getting used cars for cheap in Rjichavick"

The Dude Abides...
Watch "Jeff Bridges, John Goodman And Steve Buscemi Talk β€˜The Big Lebowski’ In Extended Inteview | TODAY" on YouTube

I will say though, Masto-Muse is working pretty well. One of the few projects I'm satisfied with out the gate!

Thanks and @felix for recommending it to me.

I built a thing for and
It wasn't what I want to build at first, but it was easy to throw together and I like how it works.

In short, it takes your Now Playing from MPD and sets your Mastodon bio to it.

Check it out here:

Hey, I wrote a short blog post about what I'm trying to accomplish with the api and where I'm hitting a wall.

I'd appreciate it if you took a look and gave me your thoughts! I'm at a full-stop and don't know where to move to.

Like, There is no way this doesn't exist in the API, it's such a basic thing! So why can't I find it!

Welp. I'm stumped. Anyone successfully get Mastodons API to spit out how many notifications you have?

I'm not looking for the content of the notifications, just a number, like, 7 unseen notifications.

Ah, OAuth, my old enemy. I've slain you before, and I will again.

Hey anyone have a link to using mastodons api for simple application building? Having trouble finding clear documentation and specs.

I need to build a thing.

We warned those fuckers! I, personally, gave multiple presentations to multiple, varied audiences on the dangers of the Social Media Monopoly.

And it happened! It finally fucking happened. Its petty to act the way I'm acting but I TOLD THEM SOOOOOOOOOOO

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