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DOOM was just the Fortnite of the 90s :thinkhappy:

You always hear about how Berlin bus drivers are unfriendly, but I'm in a bus right now and the driver is explaining the entire ticket system and the history of the Berlin transport system since the war to a passenger while he's driving through the inner city.

out here asking the hard questions, like... Show more

One time I saw a toddler pick up a cockroach and eat it. I've never told anybody that but the weight of being the only one who knew it finally got to me.

Nothing frustrates me more then eCommerce design.

Is it just me or is Elon Musk giving off Andrew Ryan vibes

This isn’t the slightly socially awkward, friendly, neighborhood billionaire who wants to change the world that I remember

Or maybe I’m just remembering wrong

*extremely black metal voice*


coworker: Java again?

me: Java echoes the screams of the damned on over three billion devices

when you upgrade something you push it up the hill ( i.e., up the grade. )


similarly when you downgrade something, you get to slide down the hill!


which is ~much~ more fun. 🤔

Hey all, I'm working to get another smol buisness of the ground. I'm selling fountain pens and nice notebooks.

While not much is ready, you can subscribe to the announcement list here:

Please ask questions! Suggestions! I'm curious always for community feedback.

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Hey, want to help me get through college?

Maybe buy a T-shirt? I designed then awhile ago for my own use, but maybe someone else will get a kick from 'em too.

There mostly old wood-cuttings, some are silly, but they look nice.

Do not set this configuration value to "true" at any cost. For their own protection, do not allow others to set this value to "true". If someone has set the value to "true" you must relinquish them to Moloch and beg for forgiveness.

Really getting into these E3 game preview videos that are just hours of static through which I hear the voices of the dead compelling me to do things, especially since all these dead-mandated quests are single-player and I must do them alone, now, or risk never sleeping again.