RIP cybre space... i should transfer my account to a new instance. anyone looking for new instance mates

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time is being deprecated. please uhh update your clocks and calendars by destroying them

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Facebook is about to overtake the Fediverse for survey referrals so I just thought I should give it a boost over here, to give you a fair chance to DEFEAT THEMMMM. :D

If you're genderly-interesting in a M/F-binary-defying way please click here:


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Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds is NOW LIVE

100% of the proceeds from this bundle will go to the National Network for Abortion Fund's Collective Power Fund, which moves money directly to abortion funds across 20+ U.S. states, with a particular focus on the South and Midwest.

The Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds includes almost 800 works by over 600 developers, writers, artists, and creators, and you can pick it up until July 13th here;

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creating a new carbon offset startup where we just do large scale industrial sabotage and use the money we get for the best lawyers available
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It's hard being sexy, self-directing, and intimidatingly competent.

It's hard and nobody understands.

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poetry is when
you add line

and the more lines you
the more
it is

scrappy doo has bought for 100 billion

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ok the thing where it doesn't show u the number of people who florped your gumpa or whatever pisses me off. i need to attach a number to my success

if u look like bobby moynihan DM me immediately (it's for sex reasons)

i dont understand internet and i will probably forget to ping here again but its nice to see u all

im here to ruin everything 😊😌


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