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I have multiple bills to pay & a very short time frame in which to pay them. I'm on disability payments, which, although I do get more than if I was on another payment, doesn't cover it in the slightest...

My electricity bill is just under "AU"$450 (my electricity company fucked me over, basically), my phone bill of "AU"$80, & a weeks rent ("AU"$240). If y'all could donate to my PayPal (, or at least boost, that'd be great. :^]

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So it’s just before midnight down here & I got woken up by a text from PayPal to say that someone sent me “AU”$120, then another one 10 mins later telling me someone else sent me “AU“$100 & I’m just... ;~; I feel like I don’t deserve the money but at the same time, I really do need to pay those bills.

Anyways, thank you so much to everyone who’s at least boosted the post.

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