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It me. Also can you believe I don't recall ever having done a proper "meet the artist"??? 8v

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“Nate,” you might be thinking. “What does K. A. stand for?”
Obviously, they stand for Kicks Arse. /j

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It's past my usual bedtime, but I just started playing the OST from the original Hellsing anime.

I'll be here for a while.

Me before joining Ahhhh it's full of nerds who know what they're doing!!!

Me now: Haha iPod go brrr.

LB Look, I like Apple products, but no-one bar hxc Apple fan people uses Apple TV. I only know a grand total of *checks notes* a single person who owns an Apple TV.

And that's not me.

And before I go & sort out iPod stuff, my partner is trans & butch. They're spectacularly hairy & get misread as male, & thus misgendered, all the bloody time. They've told me they're uncomfortable about going into queer spaces that don't allow men because of that.

That, dear friends, is fucked up.

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Also, folks saying, "Women & non-binary people" has always given me the shits. If you don't want men present, just say you don't want men present. Not that hard. :l

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FTR, I align way more with being a butch demiguy than I do with being trans masc. I've been butch since I was old enough to choose my own clothes.

I'm torn between thanking the person & telling them off because it's against the rules of the server. However, it's pinned to a channel, something only mods can do.

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Someone in the iPod Discord posted a link full of semi-decent (yet pirated?) music to test audio equipment etc.
I'm just. :v

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I get some bad comments on Tiktok, but thankfully I’m able to brush them off because most of them come from people with no videos.

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First being Serial Experiments Lain. They were made around the same time but guess which one is easier to find merch of? :^]

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Uniqlo now has Evangelion t-shirts & I'm so ecstatic bc it's my 2nd fave anime of all time! 8v

selfie! [covid-adjacent, death, police] (~) 

Nothing like being on a night time train & half the lights flickering off & on like 3 times.

Jk I hate it. D:

Now it’s saying that it’s “Estimating time remaining” & I’m shitting my pants...

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