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#reintroductions [long post] 

Hi friends! My name is Nate K. A. & I use he/fae pronouns. I’m an artist who’s heavily into old technology, 20th century history, & my own e-graphic novel, What Colour Is Blue?, which I started working on in 2007.

I’m also an anarchist, disabled, queer, & trans. I love taking photos using an old as, 35 mm film, SLR camera from the USSR, but haven’t had any of the photos developed from it for a while because of the cost involved. D:

In 2021, I’ll be studying a Bachelor of Arts, so most of my time then will be taken up by that. I’ll also occasionally show off my bad German skills... I currently exist in so-called Melbourne, Aus-failure, but would leave if I could. :^]

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My brain: I like even numbers. :) :) :)

Me: Then, why produce dopamine with multiples of 3? And why do I like 5 so much? And the number 17?

My brain:

My brain: >:C

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Hey, did y'all know I have an ~e-graphic novel~? It's a queer sci-fi of life called What Colour Is Blue?; I started working on the story back in 2007, but didn't start working on the comic itself until late 2016.

It's set in 3072, & focuses on a demiboy named Zach. He moves back to a city called Eschva after 14 years living in Ground Zero, the desert surrounding it, for uni. Over the course of WCIB?, he finds out there's a lot more to his family than what his dads know & believe. Also, that old friend, Frank, who he had a crush on? He's the accidental & unwilling catalyst for a lot of changes in Eschva.

Who knew revolution could be so shit?

You can find chapters 1 & 2, as well as other things I've made, on my Gumroad.

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Friends, this may not be the most realistic Picrew I’ve found, but it is the most accurate to RL me.

Ring Users Gave LAPD Footage of Black Lives Matter Protests

New emails show that Ring's private surveillance network is sometimes being used by cops to surveil activities at major protests

this is the first time that police have been caught trying to use Ring footage to surveil those protests

Canonically according to takahashi their hair looks like the first pic and NOT the second pic and once we as a society come to accept that we can move on

any way before i fuck off to play animal crossing, here's an actual good post that i posted a year ago on facebook

you've heard of handicapped accessible bathrooms? yeah?

i now present: the direct fucking opposite of that

tech vent, linux 

I feel like Canonical (Ubuntu) has become a little too successful in becoming the Microsoft of the linux world

asking for financial help 

Hey folks, the DWP have reduced our benefits again, so if you'd like to help a trans disabled couple survive, please retweet and consider donating if you can. Thank you!

I’ve dumped it & will work out how to back up a digital copy because holy shit, I didn’t know that it was worth that much??? Shit!

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Case in point: SMT IV Apocalypse. It’s one of my fave games of all time & I saw a CIB PAL region copy on eBay for $170, & a copy with just the cartridge on FB marketplace for $100.

I own the physical copy CIB.

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I love people who collect physical copies of video games because they give me more money for the box & manual.

reading a bit in settlers about how europeans in the 19th century went from being more revolutionary than the amerikan working class to being just as bribed with imperialist spoils to where they felt they didn't have to work on white supremacy in the european working class and instead that joining a union in of itself would somehow fix these attitudes and actions. weird how little has changed....

update: kid is on a bit of a break from mario for a bit because he just learned about bob-ombs and cannot stop talking about how he wants to bring a bomb to school

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