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(don't mind me, just resharing the only good tweet I've ever made)

hi I make games and music. slowly, not at the rate I'd like to, but that's my thing.

...I put most of the information that would make a good introduction in my bio already, heh.

uhhh you might recognize me for some Sonic fangame music I did or my work as part of the team of professional shitposting legends behind SiIvaGunner.

I'd like to be known for more than that though! but my life progress has been slow because I spent the last 20 years refusing to accept myself lol

ok ok ok this time for real. no foolin around this time. this time for REAL. no foolin around this time! no fooling around. none whatsoever. okay. I'm ready. it's time to DO this:

hi mastodon


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