Today, in the spirit of renewal and new beginnings, I take the difficult step of revealing to the world at large that I am a transgender woman. I have written an open letter about it here, which you can read if you'd like:

More than anything, I'd like to ask for you to try to be gentle and understanding as I unburden myself of this weight I have bore for over twenty years. Thank you.

I had to start a new YouTube channel from scratch because YouTube is real cool and there's absolutely no way to de-associate my old channel with my deadname which is real fucking swell. It'd mean a lot to me if you subscribed to my new one and unsubscribed from my old one. Thanks and much love.

*buys glue*
Hmm. This doesn't feel right.
*gets out sharpie*
there much better

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

(I'm also going to see a special encore screening of ISLE OF DOGS tonight. I was real bummed that I missed it during its run in theaters so an extra happy dog day to me!)

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My phone came with a timer app that lets you run several concurrent timers and label them which is great

but it's doubly great because I can be in a hurry to label two different sets of burgers grilling and end up with timers for "front burgwrs" and "back burgets" which is really, really funny

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ahhhhhhhh I just removed like half of my steam friends list. cleaning up clutter is satisfying.

it was just people I never talk to or play games with. I didn't even recognize the majority of them. if you feel like I made a mistake, don't take it personally; just re-add me lol

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this is 2018's "recording is killing the music industry, we left this side of the tape blank so you can help" and I'm hella here for it

(don't mind me, just resharing the only good tweet I've ever made)

hi I make games and music. slowly, not at the rate I'd like to, but that's my thing.

...I put most of the information that would make a good introduction in my bio already, heh.

uhhh you might recognize me for some Sonic fangame music I did or my work as part of the team of professional shitposting legends behind SiIvaGunner.

I'd like to be known for more than that though! but my life progress has been slow because I spent the last 20 years refusing to accept myself lol

ok ok ok this time for real. no foolin around this time. this time for REAL. no foolin around this time! no fooling around. none whatsoever. okay. I'm ready. it's time to DO this:

hi mastodon


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