i found dahir inshat except like
in a world where they actually built things
cause apparently this was a thing that actually happened


folks there exists one objectively good car out there that sadly never made it past the concept stage, but it was designed expressly to hold and transport dogs

Anyone in or near Queens looking to buy a twin bed frame and/or a fairly new mattress? Boosts appreciated.

Casual reminders: Lyft and Uber both operate at massive losses. Lyft and Uber drivers are striking on the 8th. Capitalists only care about their profits.

No shade from me if Lyft or Uber is literally the only option for your transportation, for whatever reason may apply, but *please* consider planning alternate transportation for the day all the same.

Hey! Anyone got any web browser recs for desktop OR know why firefox would suddenly just say no-addons work and refuse to allow you to install any from the mozilla add-ons page?

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Tech workers: Don't defend crunch or normalize nervous breakdowns because your job's not as physically demanding as someone else's. It's still exploitation if you go home at the end of the day feeling overworked. Link arms and push back.

Yeah, the heck with it. I'm using this account less and less, so I guess I'm officially over at @Naux now. I'll still post here every now and then, probably mostly shouting about tech and current events. But if you want to regularly interact, that's where I'll be more often than not.

One day I will Log On and go on a tirade about the lack of standards for word processing, but that day is probably not today.

TBH one of the biggest missed opportunities with XCOM 2 is that it takes place in a timeline where Enemy Within never happened. An XCOM 2 that deals with the complexities of defining the human would have been fascinating (ESPECIALLY with the Skirmishers being added in War of the Chosen)

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I'm gonna be at PAX East today in my Artorias costume! If you see me walking around, feel free to say hi!

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