"2.5D doesn't exist." - jeff gerstmann, challenging benoit mandelbrot to a fistfight

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Being in Boston for reasons other than work always feels freeing

"holy balls. this is incredible

the [libssh] vulnerability literally works like this:

me: "can i log in?"

server: "no. you need a password."

me: "hacker voice i'm in"

server: "login successful. you're in""


on this TL we respect a King

Kazuma Kiryu:

- respects women
- beats up idiot thugs on the street
- forcibly redistributes wealth
- is always fighting the rich
- runs an orphanage
- never gives up

tired: at the end of lightning returns, lightning exits into our reality
wired: at the end of lightning returns, lightning exits into the Parasite Eve universe

20GB+ of completely free reference photos. Use 'em for commercial or personal projects. No attribution required.


earlier today, it took me eight tries to solve a google captcha



so when google and i disagree that strongly about which tiles contain traffic signals, motorcycles, etc... ONE OF US PROBABLY SHOULDN'T BE DRIVING RIGHT NOW

*guy shouting into a megaphone at a protest* We want the funk

*crowd chanting in response* GIVE UP THE FUNK

tbt when a not-that-great trying-way-too-hard-to-be-edgy animated series just kind of incidentally resulted in a pair of legitimately good death metal albums


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nsfw Hell Orbs shitpost Show more

German Mastodon: has the "es toot mir leid" joke already been made

Hey! I feel a little awkward asking but are there any meetup groups in Boston that wouldn't mind having one more person around? I want to actually start meeting new people in the area.

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