stg The Black Plot is on one of daily Spotify playlists every day.

...not that I'm complaining about that. One day I might actually get tired of that song, but not yet.

We drive drive drive on the road for cars

We drive drive drive on the road for *cars*

- Kraftwerk, "Road For Cars"

aaaaah PDFs of Dream Askew / Dream Apart have been "delivered" !!! This is so good, I can't wait to read these. I love the work of Avery Alder and her visions of queer games, and the project of the games in dialogue looks so good ❤️

Hey, any Blades in the Dark GMs open for advice? I'm running a game with a group equally new to Blades and wondering how to balance not getting bogged down in pre-score planning without discouraging the players from doing any intelligence gathering or preparing before a score

this is what i do with years of art eduction when left to my own devices


I just lost both
A) my comic book contract
B) my part time job

If you like my art and want a custom piece, or just wanna help by boosting this, let me know!

#mastoart #DigitalArt #commissions #pinned #fantasy #dungeonsanddragons

In other space-noise news, we can listen to the sound of the wind on Mars for the first time.


kmfdm's "strut": catwalk music for an impromptu black bloc fashion show using overturned burning police cruisers for mood lighting

there is slightly too much cat in the latest video from Jun (of Jun's kitchen) 's other channel

My Spotify top-played just says "how many fucking times can you possibly listen to Adam Copies on repeat"

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