Stream promo, October tabletop horror 

October stream promo, tabletop horror games 

October stream promo, tabletop horror 

Man I really need to see an eye doctor and get my prescription checked out once it's safer to do so.

Interested in tabletop horror games and want to try something new? I'm still looking for more players for some games that I'll be streaming next month!

There are currently 2 seats open to play MOTHERSHIP this Saturday, 10/3, at 6pm EDT.

There are 4 seats open to play TROPHY DARK on Saturday, 10/10, at 6pm EDT.

DM me to RSVP!

I'm watching the Indieland marathon - a marathon of showing off independently developed video games that's raising money for the Open Hand Foundation, a charity that aims to help find a cure for Frototemporal Dimensia (a rare form of Alzheimer's)

There are two sides to the idea of "killing the cop in your head," both of which are essential.

The first is a practice of self-love and self-reflection: to "kill" those parts of an overactive ego that police your thoughts to your own detriment. Practices like cognitive behavioral therapy fall into this space.

The second is a critical analysis of a specific mental model: to "kill" your mental image of what a cop is or should be, ala death of the author, and come to terms with the realities of their behavior and the institution. This entails the study critical theory and studies and requires giving survivors the benefit of the doubt.

How far along each journey are you? Have you started either one?

Hi, my name is HereticSoul, and I've been Dunkin'-free for 6 months

Stream going live in just a minute with a Mörk Borg tabletop session! Tonight, a crew of wretches sets out for The Death Ziggurat

( I am having fun, but there are a couple parts of this kit so far that have resulted in me trying to keep my hands steady as I cut a tiny plastic sprue)

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"Gunpla is so much fun," I say, eyes just a little wide, a single bead of sweat running down my temple.

It's the same thing of "We can't stay silent" in response to racism.

"Who is we????"

You immediately assume your audience isn't part of the marginalized community you're talking about.

Which is telling.

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Hetero- and cisnormativity is when social media invites you to show your support for the LGBTQ community, which assumes you aren't a member and that the community is separate from you.

Heyooo here's your one tweet summary of what I draw and where to find it! 💪💪💪🤘
SFW Comics:
Sketch Gallery:
18+ Work: &
Chest Hair Brushes:

🌈💓🧿Hey y’all! I’m an afrolatinx jewish & chronically ill/disabled trans artist running a small resin business. It’s going well so far & will ideally enable me to not need to regularly crowdfund for emergencies AND donate to community members in need. However I need an online shop & the service I like is $200yr. I am hoping to raise funds & ideally make this my last personal fundraiser! Plz donate if u can💓:

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