Hi, my name is HereticSoul, and I've been Dunkin'-free for 6 months

Stream going live in just a minute with a Mörk Borg tabletop session! Tonight, a crew of wretches sets out for The Death Ziggurat


( I am having fun, but there are a couple parts of this kit so far that have resulted in me trying to keep my hands steady as I cut a tiny plastic sprue)

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"Gunpla is so much fun," I say, eyes just a little wide, a single bead of sweat running down my temple.

It's the same thing of "We can't stay silent" in response to racism.

"Who is we????"

You immediately assume your audience isn't part of the marginalized community you're talking about.

Which is telling.

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Hetero- and cisnormativity is when social media invites you to show your support for the LGBTQ community, which assumes you aren't a member and that the community is separate from you.

🌈💓🧿Hey y’all! I’m an afrolatinx jewish & chronically ill/disabled trans artist running a small resin business. It’s going well so far & will ideally enable me to not need to regularly crowdfund for emergencies AND donate to community members in need. However I need an online shop & the service I like is $200yr. I am hoping to raise funds & ideally make this my last personal fundraiser! Plz donate if u can💓:

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Don’t let the #BlackLivesMatter  protests disappear from our TLs.

This is Minneapolis right now. These protests haven’t stopped.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/JoshuaPotash/statu

Gonn have a bit of a latenight stream with some REDOUT, and then maybe wind down with Shipbreakers after!


if you're making a racing game with sick jumps, just chuck a high pass filter on the master audio track whenever i'm in the air. i promise you it will whip ass

"soCiaL AWareNESs"

yeah fuck off, human being > using a joke

If you say black lives matter, act like it, damn.

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