i'm turning this into a boring tech account that'll be used sparingly, follow my 🆕 account for the Good Content

➡️ @CYBEReris

did i post this already??? well... idc. im cute. boost me nerds #bofababes

Dudes who immediately raise a red flag with me, a partial list:
- describe themselves as “contrarian”
- love 2 play “devil’s advocate”
- make “ironic” racist / sexist / transphobic / homophobic / ableist “jokes”
- need reassurance that they’re “one of the good ones”
- JAQ-offs
- expect / request targets of oppression to act like teachers, as if we’re not all on the same goddamned internet. Do you a google, bro, and leave the rest of us alone.

Why do so many companies ghost ppl as a way to say "no" to job applicants

Oh my gosh. *fans self* Today I was simply bisexual.

boost to break a white persons favourite jar of mayo

White people who get upset at "fuck white people" are exactly who should be told that.

now, I'm not saying Marx would be a game developer, but you have to admit he could inspire some great boss battles


I'll be honest, doctor, I really just want these pills to turn me into an indestructible comrade

saint peter is the only good apostle because he had a sword

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