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I'll be your villain today, please form a line and kneel at my feet

Laurelai Bailey, predatory behavior, abuse 

She's positioned herself in an unfalsifiable position that ensures her ability to manipulate and abuse others, while silencing and harassing folks who are demanding accountability from her.

Abuser and Victim are not black and white positions, abusers can be victims of larger systematic marginalizations and victims of abuse can go on to become abusers themselves. We have a responsibility to acknowledge this cycle as a community and break it.

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Laurelai Bailey, predatory behavior, abuse 

Folks are able to move instances very freely here. It benefits Laurelai to have community members under administrations that don't know about her abuses, while continuing to label folks who call out her past abuses as (trans)misogynistic.

It is true that Laurelai has been the target of right wing harassment campaigns. But, she has also led harassment campaigns herself against other leftists.

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Laurelai Bailey, predatory behavior, abuse 

Laurelai's attempt to smear as transphobic is multi-functional:

It silences and stifles an instance where the admins and users are largely aware of her schemes and abuses, and it makes a rift between the trans folks that are (a very significant) part of Bofa's community.
Laurelai is someone who preys on trans folks and uses her social clout to silence her victims. Trying to silence bofa and label them untrustworthy encourages folks migrate away

please stop requesting to POST malone on my server it doesn't even have an API i beg you

Internet culture as such a weird combination of "everything is flawlessly recorded forever" and "you just had to be there". Everything is simultaneously permanent and ephemeral. We're drowning in records that have no context, and context that has no records


That's how it is on this bitch of an earth

hey if you support laurelai bailey go ahead and click on my profile picture right there to the left of this toot, and then click that "unfollow" button

eugen eugen
yes papa
muting bofa?
no papa
telling lies?
no papa
open your mouth
they’re harassers ha ha ha

boost for "fuck landlords", fav for "fuck landlords". if you do both it stacks

the biggest stumbling block for tech dorks with regard to ethics is they seem to not understand that doing nothing when you have the power to do something is not ethically neutral

Through the darkness of future's past
The magician longs to see
One chants out between two worlds
Fire...Follow Me

Then he called me a fascist again, and someone else said I was a fascist. And then they basically all started shouting fascist at me, and one of them grabbed me by the wrists. They pulled me out the door, it was up three floors, and basically drug me down the stairs on my back. It hurt really bad and I remember yelling "you're breaking the NAP" and things like that. "Stop initiating force against me."

#ff trans/nb/non-white people. you see some stupid fucking cracker being funny on this site, there are definitely marginalized people smarter/funnier than them helping inspire that

if i see a single "not all men" in these comments i will ban you personally

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