Fool. Did you think you were clever, hopping social media sites to avoid my wrath? I've tracked you down, and I will NOT give you another chance.

You WILL journey to For Your Entertainment and trade in the copy of Bambi for the PS2 that I gave you for a copy of National Lampoon's Vacation for the Gamecube. This is the final stage of my plan and I will NOT be denied.

Do this for me, and the rewards will be beyond your wildest dreams. Fail, and you will be punished eternally. Get to work, worm.


That's how it is on this bitch of an earth

Alcohol/Selfie/clothed butt 

5 minutes before Mai Tai vs. 2 hours after Mai Tai

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Selfie/eye contact/clothed butt 

it's my buttday so i'm contractually obligated to show u all my now 28 year old butt. i didn't make these rules I just follow them

communist political humor 

Edit of a comic from Kate Beaton's "Hark, a vagrant" (

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