When I search for on Mastodon, I get no results. Therefore everyone should watch this immediately and start making a list of what they'd like de-extincted first: ted.com/talks/stewart_brand_th

Oh! I'm Nick Harkaway. I write books. The next one, Gnomon, is out in the UK in November. I have a British passport and an EU identity, which is a bit stressful these days. I'm an information junkie. I want to be like Stewart Brand and Umberto Eco when I grow up. Influences: Zidarich, Balbo

Ahhh. I see. Finding people etc is an activity to be done on the desktop. The mobile clients aren't there yet. Or are they, and I've just missed the tab?

@glinner@mastodon.social Preparing myself a landing. Though navigating the instances that are not mastodon.social is interestingly strange. It's almost like Usenet born again. Anyway - morning!

Good morning, mammutidae. Today I will be exploring this strange new realm while also reading Warren Ellis's Injection (vol 2). Whose primal electronic wailings in the human darkness should I add to my intake?


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