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and, finally, how i died. i was digging a stairway downwards and wasn't looking when i stepped into a hole. i landed in the abandoned mineshaft for a second, long enough to plant a torch, before misstepping between two platforms and falling into eternity.

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steven universe spoilers, the blood gulch deathmatch post 

joco's "future soon" is the exact splitting point in a person's life where they set on one of two paths that ends with them either transitioning or becoming a technofascist irony poster

You ever think about how in Steven Universe for over half the show the protagonist is actually an alternate-timeline Steven who watched the original Steven die in a wacky episode about playing in a band?

a person is transported from our world, where everyone hates them, to another world, where everyone hates them in a completely different way

thanks to you fuckers "maclunkey" is now in my intrusive thought rotation

i've only written two good pieces of dialog in my life:

1) "Shut the fuck up."
"Yes ma'am."

2) "Oh yeah, I've totally heard of them. (lie)"
"did you just... whisper the word 'lie' to yourself"

dr stone and bleach are both in the animes named after cleaning supplies cinematic universe

are you a "hype for nonbinary gender markers since they normalize gender-nonconformity" trans or a "incredibly wary of the government having a list of nonbinary people" trans

PROOF that meatpunks is better than fortnite. in same amount of time meatpunks is already in season 2 while fortnite is only on CHAPTER 2????? obvious win

i'm starting to think we're getting what's coming to us for naming shit like that

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we live in the milky way galaxy, which is part of the virgo supercluster.
the word "galaxy" comes from the latin word for milk, galaxias
the word "virgo" comes from the latin word for virgin
so thus we can derive that our place in the universe, our home in the innumerable cosmos, is virgin milky milk

i'm playing on a world that's a series of floating snowy taiga sky islands. so far i have a base, a few bridges to other islands, a wheat/pumpkin farm, and a growing population of chickens and sheep. below my home island there's an abandoned mineshaft that spawned midair. i keep wanting to go down there, but if i die it's game over forever. the area is permanently dark because of the shadow of the island above. one misstep and i'm gone forever.

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been playing a minecraft hardcore mode run. first two runs i died in the first day but now i've got one going that's survived for in-game weeks

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