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update: the gay shit has been done. the pact is sealed. blood, exchanged

new son. probably definitely absolutely OFF inspired boy.

me and melt bout to do the most couple shit on birdsite

actually kind of really excited to be a grizzled 50 year old with as many scars as i have stories

update: after a corporate merger, tencent games now owns a majority of the shares in my soul

"heather, you and @melt are both so hardcore, what do you talk about"
- cut to us fantasizing about holding hands and getting groceries -
uhhhhhh knives. we talk about knives

i made a shirt!!! for charity!!!

100% of proceeds from buying this shirt go to the Trans Law Center!!! show to the world that YOU are a gender worm too!!!

well I say that but I just remembered this was in my wishlist


EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER: Powered By Blood is of course the fantastic game by the ever effervescent @HTHR go check it out

#gameing | #gaming

the fun thing about being an indie dev is that i have the magical power to create more stress for myself at literally any time

tagging random reblogs on tumblr as "deltarune spoilers" to confuse people who haven't played the game

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dear openshot:

you have crashed three times in five minutes.

please do not.

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