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if y'all ain't following my girlfriend @melt then y'all ain't living your best lives

coalition of trans women who fucking hate getting told "welcome to womanhood" by cis women after experiencing an act of sexism

@amphetamine @HTHR ....

... He LITERALLY got into a fight to the probable-death in episode 4.

brad spends 90% of episode 6 just calling people on their shit

the meatpunks final boss dialog is like 60% code goddamn

me, single: kickin ass
melt, single: kickin ass
both of us together: performing sick combo moves while continuing to kick ass

@HTHR the strongest lesbians this side of the... *looks at map* this half. like diagonal. these two parts here. on this side i have no idea. i dont know any lesbians over here.

melt and i are a power couple in that our combined power levels are off the charts

soon-to-be-added butch skills:
* metalworking
* archery

favorite butch activities:
* fight
* arm wrestle
* assemble furniture
* acts of service
* tank top/vest combo

and now you can spawn mechs in the middle of dialog, USING dialog!! for some reason!!!

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