Got a fun surprise for $5+ patrons in the next few days...

teleport sound effect: ZZHWEOOOOMMMMMAAA
flourish sound effect: fffSHWING!!!!patapatapatapata

ok so doing sound effects for animations is actually a lot of fun

@sol ok but honestly the key to happiness isn't ignoring your flaws but grappling with them, understanding their sources, and how they can be improved upon with time and effort. if this is a serious request for help and resources i find this post can be a helpful start:

@sol i wouldn't know, as i don't have flaws in the first place

the level design for this game is, as they say, fucking bigboy

just had the first wizardgame playtest and it went off really well B)

@KitRedgrave which reminds me, it's time for some tricep extensions... brb

@KitRedgrave yup this is a little bit something i spend a lot of time thinking about!! it's harder to bulk up muscle mass on estrogen (which is kind of a bummer for me since that's basically my goal) but it sounds like you don't want to do that so that's a bonus for you. honestly stick to body-weight and endurance exercises, prioritizing reps over weight, and you should be good to go for keeping fit without bulking up!!!

@Eldritch_Horrorgirl oh fuck yes i love the slime character, getting dapper hat is basically a fucking game winner

okay, FINALLY got a death halfway through the game with the highest-difficulty character (witch). i like this!!

just finished my first run with robot and the bite ain't coming yet. that said this game is still way in early access so it could just be in adjustment phase, or i got an especially easy build

anyways, i hope dicey dungeons has more bite with the harder characters

roguelike taste: i get disappointed if i can beat the game on my first try

[realtor voice] there's, uh, one problem with this house... you see, pee is stored in the walls,

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