My best friend has a shirt that says "wife left me" and one day my nephew saw it and asked "what happened?"

"I don't wanna talk about it."

He's never been married.

In all ways except physical, I am taller than my girlfriend.

[watching anime with melt]
melt: what color are his eyes right now
me: they're gray
melt: cool
- later -
me: oh fuck his eyes are red now
melt: oh fuck
me: IT'S RED
melt: OH FUCK

for new followers: hi, i'm jocelyn, i make games! i do a mix of code/art for games, and think of myself as a technical artist. please keep me in mind for freelance opportunities and commission work for the next few months 🙏 i'll be working on my portfolio in the meantime

Assume that the world you live in allows you to pursue what you like without worry for this exercise. No capitalist dread, no imperialism, no climate change. What is your *ideal*?

What is your ideal life? In that life, where would you be in five years? Ten years? Thirty? Fifty?

i have no idea what the otherkin discourse is but honestly if you're aggressively attacking otherkin in tyool 2019 get a fuckin hobby

Like, if the person profiting off the game is a GGer, or the team was forced to crunch for 18 months, or the company is trying to bust unions or silence sexual harassment claims... Disqualify the game. You shouldn't be arriving at the part of the conversation where you talk about the quality.

@witchfynder_finder there's some extremely iffy parts (namely anything involving hisoka, and also leorio just straight up drops the t-slur in the first arc) but there's enough good stuff to make up for it IMO. the creator definitely becomes less of a shithead over time

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