"the hedonic treadmill? isn't that a game design thing"

update: first entry coming in strong with "we deceive ourselves twice about our loves," who wants to top that?

Since it's the last month of the year, it's time for a SPECIAL MONTHLY BALLOT!!

I will make three multi-page design docs based on the three most popular comments on this post! Voting begins now and ends December 14th!!


The italian genre of picaresque, where a dashing lower class individual survives on wits alone, literally translates as "roguelike"

doctor who fuckin rips
ASTRONAUT: the moon is gonna blow up
THE DOCTOR WHO: no it won't, it's a giant egg that's about to hatch
ASTRONAUT: that's even worse
THE DOCTOR WHO, SAGELY: no. that's not true at all. it fucking whips
THE DOCTOR WHO: you fool. you disgrace. you absolute piece of garbage

@becquerel i think kurapika is fucking cool but also it's definitely continuing to watch. the arc after yorknew is tbh kinda weak but if you get through it you get to chimera ant, which is one of the best arcs ever written imo

reasons to watch hxh:
* there are major two characters who both played a heavy hand in inspiring sasuke from naruto. that's right: hxh has sasuke's gay dads

hxh posting 

the true experience of being a hxh fan is seeing people start the chimera ant arc and telling them "have fun" because there's nothing else to say to make it better

lesbians in works of fiction made by straight people only know fall in love with straight woman, be hyperfeminine, cheat on partner, lounge sexily, tearfully come out, eat hot chip, and die

@LilyVers kinda all three!! it started a couple years ago (about a year into my transition) when i took a self-defense class. it was my first time that i ever felt in-tune with my body, all while learning how to strangle someone with my legs. it put me in a state of mind of having a cooperative relationship with my body, rather than an adversarial one, as my dysphoria had tricked me to believe. also i can hug people and lift them up and spin them around, which is the best shit imaginable

a low-maintenance gender. a gender that's content to chill out. a gender that thinks it'd be neat to wear feminine clothes, but, like, that takes effort, and you haven't shaved your legs in months, so instead you're just gonna chill out in your punk vest and think about properly sewing its patches on instead of leaving them pinned on for the hundredth time

other people have deep and important experiences with their genders. mine is an orb that tells me to work out and kiss women. it's low-maintenance

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