@Siphonay okay, that's interesting: the bug doesn't occur in private mode!

@Siphonay not sure, i don't use private mode very often. next time it triggers i'll test

@LogicalDash nah, page doesn't load at all. stuck on prior page. when i refresh it refreshes the prior page

omg Real Life comics (old foundational webcomic from back in the day) relaunching with a storyline/announcement that the main character/creator is a trans girl is the magic news i needed today ty


been having a firefox problem recently where certain websites (mastodon included) will load indefinitely, never actually showing any content. the problem comes and goes; often i can get around it by closing the tab, waiting a few minutes, and opening a new tab. but it's dang annoying and i can't find a fix

Hey everyone! The official trailer for Onyx Equinox, the Epic Mesoamerican Fantasy Crunchy Roll original is our NOW! I worked on this show so check it out If you can and let me know your thoughts in the comments or on discord!

¡El avance oficial de Onyx Equinox, la épica fantástica Mesoamericana de Crunchy Roll ya salió! ¡Trabajé en esta serie así que héchenle un ojo si pueden Y díganle lo que piensan en los comentarios o en discord!


the upgrade from the first season is incredible. to put it mildly, colin is a miracle worker

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@chosafine fuck yes

legit a 24-episode season would be perfect, that's the optimal amount of time in which to tell the story of meatpunks imo

@chosafine i have put extensive thought in this to the point where i know the exact timing/framing of multiple shots

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