shoutout to roger ebert's review of the pokemon movie where he talks about getting grifted by a 6-year-old

can i just say? god bless mark stanley. man has been drawing sam starfall the exact same way down to the line for 21 years now. i can't even draw the same character twice in a row

first img (1998):
second img (2019):

and here's a version that gets rid of a little superfluous motion that didn't help the posing

i'm in love with this random background fireplace design in Carole & Tuesday

Here's the rough process of this one!! I really like animating little scenes like this.

"She would go to that ancient pile of rubble every morning before work, and learn to move in sync with the magic that still lives there."

Two Slow Dancers UPDATE: The game is about 80% sadder, and also you can adopt a cat

Get the Last Ones Out update now:

You Are A Wizard is 50% off for ONE MORE DAY!!

Do spells!
Solve riddles!
Explore the Mystical Forest!
Cope with the fact that you push everyone away because you're terrified of the mortifying ordeal of being known!
Pull pranks on foxes!

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