you, a coward: data should be stored in data structures
me, controversial yet brave: data is stored in the balls

@HTHR the entire financial sector: data just, uhhhhhhh, gets thrown in The Lake. 😅 s

@HTHR due to recent developments all 'X is stored in the balls' jokes make me go heh, not for long it isn't...

@HTHR if I ever get around to setting up a home NAS I’ll name it “the balls”


me, a mathematicator: data is fake, data structures are the real data

@HTHR We're gonna need bigger balls to store big data.


some loony, probably me, delusional: Data is fictional and should never be 'stored', as he is considered a sentient being, and the rights of all should be respected when possible

@fruchtblase this is the most devastating thing you could have said. my life is crumbling before my eyes. i am akin to a worm

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