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heather danger flowers @HTHR

i have a confession to make. i know this may come hard to some of you but i can't bear lying about this anymore. rocks are food. i'm so sorry you had to hear about it this way. if you crack open a rock there's pesto inside

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@HTHR Well yeah everyone knows about pesto rocks but when you’re foraging it’s tough to tell them apart from snot rocks

@HTHR i kinda feel like "joke not indicated as such if taken literally" should be tagged

Which ones have hummus? Asking for a friend.

@snoot @HTHR

But surely it was sedimentary, my dear Watson‽;*

@HTHR Pesto is my favorite character in Steven Universe

@HTHR untrue.

Some have salt, I confess. That's more of a condiments than a food though.

@icefox i know, i've spread that lie. but it's true that rocks are food. you can eat the dang things

@icefox the allegations that rocks are food are true

@HTHR are you telling me i've been eating vegan pesto this entire time and the real thing has to be harvested

no one tells me ANYTHING [throws spoonful of pesto in anger]