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heather is a girl @HTHR

game jam concept: one month long, make a game that makes you feel how you feel when you think about fallout new vegas

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First three weeks: unpack your feelings for new vegas

@HTHR i mostly feel frustrated that i'll never be able to experience it for the first time again

@HTHR like, playing it again for the stream was fun, but honestly there's a reason i don't play that game like, ever, and it's because the fun for me the first time was discovering the world and the people in it, and i've put hundreds of hours into it so that's gone now

@lycaon extremely relatable -- the reason i've been doing Completely Unarmed and all these other challenges is to really get deep into the systems of the game, to find something still to explore

@HTHR yeah i tried to do that on the stream but very quickly got bored, i just do not care about the systems in that game, at least from that perspective

i can't imagine anyone, even obsidian, ever making a game like new vegas ever again. the AAA games are all homogenizing into one giant blob of boring, and part of what made new vegas special is its scale

maybe someone really dedicated could make an indie game like new vegas, but i doubt it'd happen

@lycaon sometime years down the line i want to try and make that happen but we'll see how things go

@lycaon i feel the same about my second playthrough -- imagine capturing the feeling of that first playthrough again

@HTHR Is this just a way for you to play New Vegas for the first time again?

@HTHR So I'd make a game where whatever input you give all your character does is make a jerk-off gesture on the screen?

@tobascodagama if that's what in your heart then sure

@HTHR a game about wanting to play a game that everyone considers very good but being scared of not getting as much out of it as everyone else