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extreme meatpunk forever

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@HTHR [meatpunk moodboard] *screenshot of super meat boy* *picutre of lady gaga in the meat dress* *just. a pile of uncooked ground beef* *all seven minutes or wahtever of the video "they're made out of meat"*

@HTHR *Scrolling down my home timeline and sees this toot* hmm. hmm. do I wish to continue

@mno there is some weird stuff down there

i got very tired and tooted a lot last night

this is the original. it's in the middle of a high-octane shitpost spree

@HTHR Wait a sec

That shitpost was shitposted


@HTHR wait, while you're there, can you find the original @lycaon image composite from that???

@HTHR @lycaon aaaaah well. maybe i'll be able to locate it if masto archive doesn't ~actually~ get oom killed or catch fire. <_<

@lycaon @HTHR the, like, a bunch of things overlayed including, like, something about a panini in a microwave and the phrase "extreme meatpunks forever"

@gdkar @HTHR oh fuckin ,that. i can't find the edited versions i did but i can find the one heather posted originally

@gdkar @HTHR and then i put "DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO MAKE A PANINI IN THE MICROWAVE PLEASE HURRY" over it and i think i put EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER over it but that might have been heather?

@lycaon @HTHR yeah!

i vaguely thought that was the origin of the phrase "extreme meatpunks forever" as, like, a concrete phrase in and of itself.

but i could have the exact ordering wrong; those were sorta wild and wacky days. 🤷

@gdkar @HTHR nah heather was posting about that phrase for a few hours before i made that picture

i would never have come up with the phrase 'extreme meatpunks forever'

@lycaon @nightpool @HTHR ooooh. heck! just noticed the instance.

that explains..... some stuff about not being able to find it 🤦 f

@HTHR pretty sure it was inspired by the dodgemeat post? via some sort of meat dodgeball team??