crack open the dodgeball to get at the supple dodgemeat inside

@HTHR @bea if noone made posts it wouldn't be much of a social network now would it

@nightpool @HTHR @bea "the posts just show up every day. we don't ask where they come from."

@HTHR peel the dodgeball to get at the delicious dodgeball bean on the inside.
Roast it just right for your morning dodgeballffee

@HTHR Publish this joke. Make it 1,000 blank pages and then put this toot in the middle of it.

@HTHR honestly I wish I knew how to riff off that post but I got nothing

@witchfynder_finder @HTHR it's like you got it tattooed on your face or something. all day long, people flingin ham-hocks and bacon at your head

straight off the pan too, that stuff stings for real

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