what's your favorite season?

follow-up question: what's your LEAST favorite season?

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@HTHR summer, alternating between melting and cooling off in a river or lake

@HTHR Summer, because it's the only time of the year where I live where it's not Goddamn Winter

@HTHR summer! I love shorts, they're comfortable and easy to wear

Also, frozen sugar treats (gelato is my favorite with snowcones being a close second)

Also also, swimming!

I kinda just love everything about summer

@HTHR my fashion style is long sleeves and dark clothing so summer is my mortal enemy

@HTHR summer is GOOD because i can wear TEAL and SALMON and NOBODY YELLS AT ME

@HTHR In Sweden, all seasons are bad:

Spring: “Why is it not getting warm yet?”
Summer: “Why am I in the office, wasting the two weeks of summer?”
Autumn: “Oh no, Summer is over already”
Winter: “I hate this cold”

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