doctor who fuckin rips
ASTRONAUT: the moon is gonna blow up
THE DOCTOR WHO: no it won't, it's a giant egg that's about to hatch
ASTRONAUT: that's even worse
THE DOCTOR WHO, SAGELY: no. that's not true at all. it fucking whips
THE DOCTOR WHO: you fool. you disgrace. you absolute piece of garbage

@HTHR truly the best episode of the whole series

@Thib @HTHR Please, don’t making me think about that disaster of an episode ever again.


El Nino fucking smashes agasint the california costline, killing millions

Dr Who: Fucking based lol

@HTHR I just finished watching season 8 and it's not as bad as I remember, Time Heist in particular is a blast and there wasn't an episode I actively disliked

@HTHR THE DOCTOR WHO: hands up! Hands up anyone who thinks they deserve tides (pause) yeah there’s always one

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