"fun" doesn't exist and chasing it in design is like chasing a rainbow. focus on a concrete experience goal and work from there

emotions game designers regularly confuse for fun:
* satisfaction
* awe
* joy
* engagement
* tactility
* compulsion
* anger
* dominance

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you can make a work of art a thousand times more effective by setting your experience goals on joy, or fear, or sorrow, or any number of emotions, instead of chasing a nebulous concept of "fun."

narrow down your experience goals and make a game with razor focus. the result will be infinitely more interesting.

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@HTHR I've only seen a few new movies this year and the stand-out Classics were NOT, by any means, "fun" to watch

Fuck fun, make something meaningful

@HTHR ((They were Midsommar and The Lighthouse, both of which absolutely knew what they wanted to be and pursued that end relentlessly, if you were curious))

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