falinks is such a good pokemon. there should be more pokemon that's just, like, twenty dudes having a good time

new pokemon ideas:
* galarian exeggcute (they get in an egg carton)
* aegislash evolution where it and several hundred other aegislashes create a perfect phalanx
* boyznite (just ten regular men who want to fight a pokemon, evolves into girlznite when they transition)

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also i think if all your pokemon faint you shouldn't black out. i think that's when you yourself have to enter the ring. can a 10-year-old boy beat up a dragon? let's find out

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@HTHR humans are canonically pokemon so all pokemon fights should allow attacking humans

@ben petition to mod pokemon so you can put any given human in the ball

@HTHR pokemon spoof where ash throws a pokeball at misty's head but it actually works this time

@HTHR trying to find a database of pokemon weights so i can find all the pokemon you could definitely just punt

@zoe @HTHR

xkcd: answering questions like "how far could pikachu throw a blender"

@behold3r @HTHR "If this weak Pokémon is by itself, a mere child could defeat it."
i know the whole thing is "the s/s pokedex is unreliable" but pfff

@zoe @HTHR I'm imagining you entering a battle with a youngster and sending dreepy out and he doesn't even bother with sending his pokémon out and just punches your dreepy out

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