reminded myself of my design docs for a pokemon game set in fantasy oklahoma and i'm fuckin into it tbh

it's about trying to find justice in a society built around injustice, and also about running around with a cute lil fire bison in oklahoma city

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@HTHR roselia/roserade regional variants, Roselite and Roselith (grass/rock type)

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the starters:
* brison/brisear/barbalo (fire-type -> fire/ground-type bison, high health and defense)
* orofrill/hierrowing/acerotail (grass-type -> grass/steel-type scissortail flycatcher, the glass cannon)
* octofuss/octohide/octobode (water-type -> water/dark-type octopus, evasive and specializing in status effects)

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choose your starter

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to be clear, octopi aren't native to oklahoma, but the local cryptid is the Oklahoma Octopus, which is a massive demon that lives in Lake Thunderbird and drowns people, so i kinda had to include it

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actually hm... would dark-type or ghost-type make more sense for octobode?

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very proud of barbalo. big chunky boy. YES there's an earthquake on his back, YES his horns contain a micro-sun, YES he's baby

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octobode: [slithering around the ocean floor]
acerotail: [divebombing a target and slicing it in half]
barbalo: [wanders in with a bag of chips stuck to their horns] hey guys what's up

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octobode is based off the mimic octopus. its blue rings suggest that it's super poisonous, but it's mostly just trying to get you to leave it alone

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UPDATE: full evolutionary lines for brison, orofrill, and octofuss!!

proud to continue the tradition of incredibly awkward-looking middle evolutions

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CHOOSE YOUR STARTER again now that you have more information

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@HTHR You are making better Pokémon than Game Freaks.

@HTHR barbalo has very "its my turn to play xbox" energy

@modernmodron barbalo just stands behind you until the glare from their sun makes you stop playing and pay attention to them

@HTHR "pokémon fangame designed by the creator of meatpunks" isn't a thought i ever thought i'd think, but now that i've conceived of it it sounds kind of fucking amazing. fantasy oklahoma hooked me

My Brison will mess up your Octofuss. Type systems be damned.

@HTHR i chose brison the first time despite being a water-type specialist and i was not disappointed

@HTHR Honestly this only further cements Octofuss as the one for me

If there's one thing I like more than octopodiums, it's CRYPTID OCTOPODIUMS

@HTHR love octofuss becoming, like, a chrysalis of his own tentacles to become octobode

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