concept: "gender rehearsal" parties where you can go for an hour or two and try out being a different gender. no commitment or anything, just a good space for answering the question "what would it be like if i was a dude" etc

@HTHR I don't know if I dig the word rehearsal for it but I dig the concept hardcore actually

@pea my thinking was that it's a kind of performance without an audience; you have a chance to try out different ideas, different directions, without fear of judgement, since the only people around you are performing as well

@HTHR @pea Complementable with Gender tuning sessions, where people can think about segmenting gender into modules that can be switched. Like, [stache], [swagger], [floral dress], [hella pumps], [meticulous], [loud] or others like that.
Pick and choose from various traditionally gendered behaviors, regardless of suit.

@HTHR this is actually a really good idea.

(Back in my day, we used Second Life, but don't this in an IRL non judgemental social setting would be so good)

@HTHR shut up and take my... make it a thing!

@HTHR Sounds like a standard gathering in my household. 👍

@HTHR I sort of used halloween for this; seems like I really like seeing myself as a girl more... tho I should've gotten fake boobs to try out because I still don't know if I want boobs or not..

also it's rare for people to call me with she/her pronouns online (and never had anyone call me with them IRL even on halloween)

@HTHR this is an amazing idea! an opportunity to experiment and maybe even learn from others' gender experiences

@HTHR that's.... Is that not what halloween is for?

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