oh you respect trans people? name five times you've questioned your own relationship to gender and come away with a more meaningful self-definition

@HTHR It's not even that hard to do! My girlfriend did it for like a solid year! She I guess had a period of time where she thought she might be boy but eventually decided "No, I'm not that."

@HTHR @nev

Should we actually answer here or was this more of a rethorical question?

@HTHR now in the spirit of complete fairness, i'm trans myself and while it has added individuality and nuance, questioning my relationship with gender i think has on average actually reduced the meaning of "self" as a concept

@HTHR I've been questioning it constantly since doing women studies at uni in the mid-late 90s. The conclusion I've arrived at, is I don't want gender to exist, in that I think gender should be irrelevant. But I recognise this might be a privileged position, given I'm cisgender and haven't had to fight to be recognised.

Although I present as female/cisgender, discovering pronouns & non-binary gender was liberating. I use she/they, in part, because I want to normalise they/them, in part for solidarity, but also because I feel just she/woman is too limiting. Recently I've started trying to use they/them as a default descriptor.

So not 5 times, but rather an on going thing.

@HTHR Last week, and afterwards I was Bloody Confused

@HTHR I have questioned my own relationship to gender, but maybe not five times yet. I think Mastodon made me realize I'm genderfluid!

@HTHR I get lost in this topic. The distinction between gender and biological sexual identity. I’m comfortable in the latter, and believe the former to be made up. I understand that some don’t match their biologically sexual identity, but personally I lack a frame of reference for it. I respect them for it, but don’t pretend to understand it.

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