does your website need to track gender?
does it REALLY need to track gender?
does it REALLY REALLY need to track gender?
are you POSITIVE it needs to track gender?

@HTHR even if the answer's yes, it's doing it wrong if it can't give me a graph of my gender over time

@HTHR Had to choose between Male and Female at the eye doctor For Some Reason

@witchfynder_finder @HTHR very important to know whether boys or girls have eyes

@witchfynder_finder @HTHR fun fact, hormones actually affect your eyes somewhat, and HRT can cause changes... I forget why.

@HTHR I'm pretty sure I skipped the question on my streaming service account so it defaulted me to "male" :thaenkin:

@HTHR Only if it's a non-editable field helpfully prefilled with "other".

I honestly wonder why most things need to track gender, are gender targeted or are gender specific.

@HTHR the server will crash if it doesn't know whether to load the packets into a dump truck or a Barbie convertible

@HTHR @greyor I mean... how else would it know to apply a pink theme to female accounts?!.. #sarcasm

@HTHR Dwarf Fortress tracks gender in a field called caste

it's very confusing

@quirk @HTHR yes but that doesn't explain the field named sex which stores a value related to reproduction that can be -1, 0, or 1 that's wrong for seahorses

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