wikipedia page: there are a number of problems with powered exoskeletons, such as battery life, joint mobility issues, material strength, and power modulation
me, thinking about how cool it'd be to lift a car:

look, all i'm saying is, you could TOTALLY put a powered exoskeleton in a fursuit and nobody would know the difference until you ripped a street lamp from the ground with your bare hands (bear hands)

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Q: what purpose would there be to this? why do you want this?
A: strongth

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@HTHR So what made you choose a turtle as your fursona?

Needed a place to put the batteries.

@HTHR Achieve Strongth, give equal amounts of joy and terror

@HTHR thank you for this, i'm looking forward to the extrapolation of powered armor as postfurry fursuit

or even full-ass mechs

they all have names like Timberwolf already

@vyr @HTHR Reminds me of a newish manga where the lead character transforms into a dangerous, meaty fursuit worn by another character into battle. (Title escapes me.)

@HTHR when they said everyone had a right to bear arms, that isn't what they meant

@KitRedgrave @HTHR Wait, I thought it was Right To Arm Bears? *researches* Oh. Right to bear arms. Well. At least no one needs have cold arms.

@HTHR if I simply replaced most of my physical me and became my cyberfursona I would not have to worry about the 'where to put batteries' and 'heat' problems

Or lead a bunch of Bonta-kuns to do a tactical assault on an enemy base.

Fumoffu! 🐻

@HTHR I'm pretty sure that's just the backstory to Five Nights at Freddy's

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