REMINDER THAT YOU CAN JUST KINDA PUT SHERLOCK HOLMES IN THINGS. he's public domain so you can just kinda use him wherever. i made him break up with a wizard

play YOU ARE A WIZARD today for that good good "i got into a big fight with sherlock holmes and he broke up with me" content

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@HTHR eagerly awaiting the next dresden files novel where sherlock holmes just kinda strolls out of the mist and tells harry how to fix everything so the author can move on from that series forever

@chaomodus @HTHR definitely an open and shut case, if you know what i mean

@amydentata @HTHR my innocent mind contains no reference for this implication.

@chaomodus @HTHR it doesn't really make sense and that's part of the fun

@HTHR actually his name is Sherlock Holmes's Monster

@HTHR We should all be a lot more upset about what Disney has done to the public domain.

@kittybecca @HTHR Sherlock pulled out his magnifying glass, and yelled "INVESTIGATIVE METHOD". The dementia were momentarily stunned by confusion at this outburst, which allowed Holmes to make a very speedy getaway.

@Nine @kittybecca @HTHR If I were to ever do this, I would have to do a whole thing about how rationalism is self-deceit lathered with unwarranted confidence.

Sherlock would be a punchline, with his godawful rendition of an already godawful ockham's razor.

@Nine @kittybecca @HTHR I guess Doc Watson would be that grounded friend, who for some reason remains in Holmes' circles, despite the despotic ravings, and keeps trying to bring him back to reality by asking him questions that point out the holes in the "brilliant hypotheses".

Like "How do you suppose Lady Gargron got from her husband's funeral to the Wayhouse in time to set the fire?" only to be met with one rationalization after another, each more outlandish than the last.

@ansugeisler @kittybecca @HTHR I have just now realised that autocorrect snagged "dementors" and changed it to dementia... fucksake.

Big fan of anyone using this public property, the sillier the better. Sherlock Bones is probably my favourite.

@HTHR Sherlock Holmes and Gilgamesh in: the case of the Wacky Woodsman

@HTHR I loved him in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, but hardcore Holmes fans might not. 😀

@HTHR Just remember Mr Holmes is not flanged at the base so there are certain places it’s not safe to put him.

@HTHR @fraggle my next pr for freedoom will be a new spriteset, mugshot and dehacked story text

@HTHR sherlock holmes is now the protagonist in my self-insert fic about networking crimes

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