if your primary power source isn't renewable, your electric car is just outsourcing its pollution

@HTHR yes true but catalytic converters break a lot on cars and I'm going to assume the power plant is slightly better at replacing that kind of thing
@riking @HTHR Also, internal combustion cars waste 80% of their energy as heat.

That's not a typo. Only 20% of the energy from the gasoline you are burning goes to your wheels!

Electric cars are more efficient than that.

@HTHR True but it's a lot easier to upgrade the maybe 100 power plants in the state with new tech than upgrading a few hundred thousand powerplants

@HTHR not really. Electric engines are incredibly efficient compared to fuel-based ones. Even if your whole power comes from coal, the overall balance is better. However we still have no idea how to mass-produce clean batteries :/

@HTHR others told you about efficiency already (and there is actual research confirming EVs are cleaner overall), but there's also the chicken and egg problem: we need to upgrade both cars and power plants to be clean, and it doesn't matter from which way to start. Refusing to do one part simply because the other isn't ready doesn't do any good.

@HTHR electric car from a renewable power source sounds like a joke and there is also the issue of producing materials for the car, specially the batteries.

@lanodan @HTHR What joke ? Your ability to move is thus defined by the energy locally available, rather than the output of a distant oil well.

The real trouble in the sentence is "car", not "electric" ^^

@jaxom_kaplan @HTHR It sounds like a joke because of how power hungry a car is.

And storing/transporting electricity is a mess compared to oil or gas.

@HTHR yes, but less, because ICE only uses 20% of the energy available, while electric uses 80% (including storage losses etc.).

And a big polluting plant converts fuel -> energy at a decent rate. Less pollution than driving ICE, but you are still right.

I will always use renewable energy for my car :)

@HTHR Electric cars are much better than to pump up oil, refine it to diesel/gasoline and then burn it. Battery manufacturing is going to get better and better.
People still need to buy new cars and electric is the best alternative today. Could be different in the future.
I charge my electric car at work everyday with solar power 😊

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