every picture is an animal picture if you consider the photographer

@HTHR and the microbiological organisms in the shot.

@HTHR what about photos taken by robots like traffic cameras

@HTHR im trying to imagine like ... a rock that's been naturally covered with layers of chemicals that would make a photograph and in a cave with a little pinprick of light making a photo on the wall of the outside

@HTHR oh shit if the light erodes the stone over time wouldnt it be like, a 3d projection of the outside (upside down, of course)

@modernmodron @HTHR

if you used a laser projector you could etch rock this way without touching it entirely and with enough power and time create a sculpture WITHOUT TOUCHING THE ROCK AT ALL

@sydneyfalk @HTHR
I wanna quit my job and become a laser rock artist

@sydneyfalk @HTHR
and I mean exactly one rock i carve my entire life

@modernmodron @HTHR

(and, by 'laser projector' I logically mean a controlled-source system that can use a drilling laser and traces repeatedly until it reaches the right depths)

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