god leverage is so FUCKING good, i'm five episodes in and loving every second of it so far

most shows in the '00s: our villains are terrorists, drug dealers, and criminals
leverage: FUCK military contractors, FUCK venture capitalists, and by GOD, FUCK CEOs

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there are some parts that are rough but i'm still enjoying it on the whole

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@HTHR I hear the official Leverage TTRPG not only exists but is actually really good.

good news: the show does keep that feel right until the very end, and they chew up even smaller-scale corpscams like "cash4gold" shit and such too (minor bad news under tag, I dun wanna ruin fun things <3) 

@HTHR I just learned about this and one of the executive producers of this show is the director of Geostorm.

Alrighty then.

@nightpool @HTHR

I wish

that and Carmen Sandiego is excellent anticorp messaging IMO

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